Common Terms Associated With The Drug Ecstasy

x terms

Ecstasy is a drug that has gained incredible popularity among teenagers and other young users. There are many terms and “inside names” that are associated with ecstasy, so as a guide to parents, here are the most commonly used terms for the drug:

  • X
  • EX
  • XTC
  • Ecstacy
  • Tabs
  • Pills
  • Adam
  • Molly
  • Scoobie Snacks
  • Rolls
  • Stamps
  • Moll
  • Doses

In addition to these above referenced terms, the stamp on the pill itself may also dictate the “name” of that particular “make” of ecstasy. The symbol on the pill will dictate the name, such as: mitsubishi, mercedes, rocketship, etc.


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