Alprazolam Abuse In Young Adults


Abuse of prescription drugs like the popular anti-anxiety drug, Alprazolam has become a serious health concern among the youths aged between 18 to 25 years. By definition, Alprazolam (generic for xanax) is an addictive drug that has a wide range of application for people struggling with pain and anxiety disorders. While it is possible to see abuse of Alprazolam among people who have legitimate reasons for being prescribed the drug, there are also alarming cases of young adults abusing the drug for recreational reasons. Although Alprazolam is likely to help people experiencing panic attacks and generalized anxiety in the short term, it has adverse and life threatening side-effects when abused. In fact, it can even lead to death.

Young adults have high potential of Alprazolam abuse due to a number of factors. First off, binge drinking behavior that is rampant in this age group, especially in college settings. When Alprazolam is mixed with alcohol, its sedative effects are often amplified, which may be appealing to people who are looking to have “good time”. Young adults are also susceptible to peer pressure, particularly when they are away from home or in settings that lack adept parental supervision. Additionally, the drive to relax and just have good time, especially after work or a rough day at school can also lead to alcohol and Alprazolam abuse among this age group.

Getting Help for Alprazolam Abuse

When your child or close friend is amidst Alprazolam addiction, the first step to help him or her is staging an intervention. You can also take him or her to a local rehab facility to ensure that he or she is helped. Young adults may still have teenage rebellious traits that may make your intervention efforts difficult. However, a professional interventionist can help you learn the best methods of getting him or her through Alprazolam addiction.

Getting your child or friend with Alprazolam addiction into a rehab facility or any other treatment program is a vital step towards his or her long-term sobriety. Even if their attitude is repelling, don’t relent; speak with a local interventionist or counselor about some of the available rehabilitation treatment options available to help your loved one overcome Alprazolam addiction and live a drug-free life.


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