Is Alcohol Really More Dangerous Than Heroin?

alchohol more dangerous than heroin

Yes, alcohol is more dangerous than heroin. There is an important public myth that paints heroin as being more dangerous than alcohol. This misconception arises from some media and government activities and gets perpetuated by people’s blind belief. However, there are numerous facts that reveal that alcohol is more dangerous and destructive than cocaine, heroin and other drugs if the overall ripple effect of each drug’s abuse is considered.

Why Heroin is Presumed to be More Dangerous Than Alcohol

Heroin is banned in most countries and states, and its ban makes people shy from even considering it. Additionally, the legal status of heroin makes its supply limited and secretive, and this limitation and secrecy spikes its costs. Alcohol is legally manufactured and sold, except to minors – who still get access to it – and it is therefore relatively affordable. The media has also portrayed alcohol and alcohol intake as not only acceptable, but also a classy indulgence. Heroin, on the other hand, is portrayed as extremely dangerous, and most people keep away from it.

The Dangers of Assuming Heroin is More Dangerous

The assumption that heroin is more dangerous than alcohol can make alcohol consumers reckless, and this endangers their lives even further. Additionally, upholding this myth makes government and other drug-regulating agencies loosen their efforts on curbing alcohol abuse in favor of fighting heroin and other seemingly more dangerous drugs. The stigma that is placed on heroin minimizes people’s indulgence, and thus reduces its dangers, whereas the acceptance of alcohol makes it enticing to most people, including teens and other non-drinkers.

Facts that Support Alcohol is More Dangerous Than Heroin

Many people indulge in alcohol without any reservations, and, as a result, they consume high quantities that affect their emotional, mental and physical health. The toxins in alcohol destroy most body organs, especially the liver, which must cleanse the blood off these toxins. Additionally, under the effect of alcohol or to support their drinking habits, some people become physically, emotionally and financially abusive of other people, especially those closest to them. Alcoholics are also more likely to indulge in the abuse of other substances, in effect risking their lives and those of other people. The legal status of alcohol, as well as its availability, means it can spread to whole societies with devastating economic, health and social effects.

Alcohol is more dangerous than heroin in more ways than one. Unfortunately, its publicity as being mild, legal and acceptable conceals its dangers, and this makes its abuse rampant and efforts to curb it fewer. Most drug-curtailing agencies focus on stomping out heroin and other drugs that are not even as harmful to individuals and societies as alcohol is.


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