The Mortal Dangers Of Special K Or Ketamine Abuse

Originally intended to be an anesthetic for use on animals, ketamine was found to be a hallucinogen in humans. While it is still sometimes used in animals, it’s no longer intended for use in humans because of its hallucinogenic properties and the huge problems it has with addiction as well. Let’s take a look at some more facts about this dangerous drug, sometimes called vitamin K.

It’s An Animal Tranquilizer.

Commonly used as an animal tranquilizer to knock out and put to sleep in animal that is being aggressive, or getting ready for surgery, this drug comes in the form of a powder or liquid that can be mixed with food or injected, depending on the situation. When humans abuse this drug, sometimes called vitamin K or special K, it’s typically mixed with heroin, cocaine, and even sometimes marijuana, for the added effects.

What To Look For In The Abuser.

The most obvious outside symptom, because of the hallucinations that this drug causes, is the delirium and wild ramblings that the user experiences. Other people around them will be wondering who the user is talking to, and what they’re saying, in their delirium, they will have poor motor functions, difficulty walking and talking, and eventually exhibit amnesia, forgetting the whole episode. In cases of overdose the abuser may stop breathing and die, after all this is an anesthetic, not a drug to be messed with.

How To Get The Abuser Some Help.

Special K is not a drug that should be used or abused outside of the veterinary clinic. The slightest mistake in administration could result in an overdose leading to death. Anyone who is addicted to the drug is at substantial risk of an overdose, especially if they are taking additional doses of the drug while they’re high.

It is extremely important that the abuser, or those around them, get help immediately, each and every time this drug is taken there is some risk of death. Call a healthcare provider, or drug abuse hotline, to get help from a qualified clinic near you.


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