Signs That A Friend or Loved One May Be Suffering From Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol abuse effects many people, and can often be cause for concern to their friends and family members. Someone who abuses alcohol may not do so on a daily basis, but prolonged abuse can sometimes lead to alcoholism. This article describes some of the things you should look out for.

Alcohol abusers may go all day without needing a drink, but after work they may consume more than two or three alcoholic beverages. This can be wine, beer, or liquor. An abuser may also drink only on the weekends or in social situations, but this can still cause health and relationship problems.

People often change when they’ve had too much to drink. They may become silly, have slurred speech, and not be able to walk properly. In the worst case scenario they may become verbally or physically abusive to those around them.

A person who abuses alcohol may be doing so due to a problem with anxiety or depression. They could be upset about their job, a relationship problem, and many other life issues. Instead of seeking out the proper care for their mental health, they use alcohol to treat the problem.

Most people who abuse alcohol don’t see that there is a problem and there is usually some type of intervention to make them realize it. Despite the best intentions of friends and family, an intervention may not solve the issue. Treatment for alcohol abuse works best once the abuser realizes there is a problem and wants to be treated.

Alcohol abuse can be sad and worrying for friends and family of an abuser. They’re hurting themselves and may be hurting others as well. It’s best to help them by pointing out the problem as often as possible, and hopefully, sooner rather than later they’ll seek help.


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