Addictions To Methylphenidate – Treatment Options For Substance Abuse


When you are addicted to any type of substance whether it is alcohol, opiates, or very strong anti-illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, it’s a very difficult process to stop using them because of how your body becomes addicted. Some drugs are more difficult to stop taking than others, one of which is called methylphenidate. This drug is typically given to people that have ADHD, one of which is called Ritalin, and it is sometimes purchased on the street. Here is an overview of what methylphenidate does, and how you can get treatment for it if you are currently addicted to this drug right now.

Understanding What Methylphenidate Does

Methylphenidate, also known as MPH, R-ball, and also vitamin R on the street, is a stimulant which can affect your central nervous system. Those that have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are able to find relief from this problem when they are able to stimulate their central nervous system. Those that have narcolepsy, and sometimes those that have seizures, can benefit from this product. There are side effects that may occur including dizziness, vomiting, nausea and insomnia, which is why getting off of this drug is so important. The reason that people take it is because it gives them a rush, stimulating their CNS like an amphetamine. The following options are available for those that would like to stop using this drug right away.

How To End Your Addiction To MPH

You can end your addiction to this drug by going to a treatment center. Since you are addicted to the stimulation of your central nervous system, by not stimulating it, you will be able to gradually reset your body back to normal. Withdrawal symptoms can be similar to what you will go through when going through opiate withdrawals, but not as severe. Treatment centers, or support groups, can often be found that can help you get all the way through, allowing you to finally end your addiction to methylphenidate.


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