Phencyclidine Addiction – How To End Your Addiction To Angel Dust


Are you a fan of using PCP? This is a drug that many people take because of its hallucinogenic properties. Also known as Angel dust or Wack, is very popular at raves, parties, and a variety of other social gatherings where people like to get high. It was originally used back in the 50s as an anesthetic, but as time passed, we realize that many of their patients were developing deliriums. As a result of this, they had to categorize it as a scheduled two drug and has since become an illegal substance that people buy on the street. If you are addicted to it, here’s how you can get the help that you need.

Why People Like Phencyclidine

The reason that people enjoy PCP is because of how it makes them feel. Their perceptions are changed dramatically, and it can be easily dissolved with other materials, including its use with marijuana, which is very popular today. It is a NMDA receptor antagonist which is how it is able to cause you to perceive the oddities that you see when you are on this drug. It is very similar to dopamine, opioids and other drugs that can give you euphoria, another reason why it is so popular.

How To Get Substance Abuse Treatment For PCP

To get treatment for PCP you have to contact a company that specializes in helping people that have this addiction. We will be able to gradually wean you off, and after a period of several weeks, you will no longer have a craving for the substance. Obviously, people enjoy how it makes them feel, and they may go back again, but by working with professionals that can give you the proper treatment, you will be able to stop using phencyclidine once you are through their program.


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