What Are The Differences Between Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse?


Both alcohol abuse and alcoholism are serious problems that affect millions of people all over the world. There are several signs that an alcohol problem exists and also a variety of ways to treat the problem. This article looks at the signs and differences between the two.

There is often confusion between alcoholism and abuse. Alcohol abuse is simply someone who drinks too much and doesn’t realize the consequences of their actions. They may not drink on a regular basis, but can put themselves and others in harm’s way when they do.

Alcoholism is considered a disease that is often thought to be passed on genetically. It’s much more dangerous than abuse and can be very difficult to overcome. People are often unaware of the problem because an alcoholic can function normally, they may drive, go to work, and do other things all while drinking throughout the day.

Whether people are abusing alcohol or suffer from alcoholism, they’re usually trying to take care of an underlying problem without seeking medical or psychiatric care. One of the most common reasons comes from people who are suffering from anxiety or depression. They will drink to make the symptoms go away.

The danger with both is that, like with a lot of other drugs, the longer you use alcohol the more your body needs to achieve the same high. Also, the longer alcohol is abused more and more damage is done to vital organs such as the liver. Some damage can even be irreversible.

Alcoholism is a genetic disorder where people feel that they need to drink in order to function on a daily basis. Alcohol abuse is drinking too much, often to make other problems go away. As soon as an abuser is ready, help is available from treatment centers and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.


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