The dangers of cocaine abuse

493171333During the 60s and 70s, cocaine was considered a “party drug”, and therefore not nearly as dangerous as crack or heroin for instance. Party drugs like cocaine and marijuana (and during the 90s, the fashion drug of choice, E) were considered “soft drugs”, and therefore easily controlled. Meaning, people who were taking these drugs, claimed to easily be able to give them up with no problem. Obviously, this is not the case.

The problem with cocaine is that because it is considered such a soft drug, people were snorting line upon line of the stuff every single day, spending hundreds of dollars a month on “Blow”. What cocaine would do is corrode the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, eating away the lining of the nostrils and even further up into the sinuses, causing massive hemorrhaging from the nose as a result of the damage cocaine caused.

Because cocaine was considered THE party drug, it was readily available and easy to find. The problem is that users were getting younger and younger, creating addicts out of children as young as 12 and 13 years of age. By the time these children keep their 20s, they are full-blown addicts they cannot go for a single day without snorting Coke. Unfortunately, the era of the “flower child” and “Love and peace” of the 60s meant that people were using the Vietnam War and of course the end of the war, as an excuse to overindulge in substance abuse like cocaine and alcohol, and eventually heroin, as a way of either blocking at the horrors of the time and of course, celebrating the end of the war.

The problem with cocaine is that it makes people think they are superhuman and therefore invincible. The drug had crazy effects on different people like making them believe they could fly and the unfortunate soul taking a swan dive off of a 20 story building thinking he had wings. In other cases, it made people almost manic, and this is especially dangerous when people took the drug (and it had this manic effect on them) in the club scene because they would dance until they literally dropped.

The sad truth is that there’s nothing “soft” about the drug cocaine. It has claimed, and will continue to claim, thousands of lives every year.


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