What is PCP Abuse and How Can it Be Treated?

452990501PCP, also known as Angel Dust and Wack, is a dangerous drug, especially for teenagers, that’s widely available on the streets. The drug often comes in a pill form, but it can also be snorted, injected, or be entered into the bloodstream in a variety of other ways. It’s popular due to its hallucinogenic properties, and has caused many accidental injuries and death.

The drug can also cause a number of long-term effects that can remain with an abuser for the rest of their life, even after they stop using it. The drug may affect thinking abilities and other cognitive functions. It can also cause different types of mental illness to develop, such as depression and mood problems.

Often times people will recognize that they have a problem with Angel Dust, but are unable to make their cravings for the drug go away. People with this addiction have often developed poor relations with family and friends. They often feel alone and think that they have nowhere to turn to.

Once an abuser begins having these feelings, it’s the best time to seek assistance. Generally, when family or friends try to stage an intervention, it doesn’t work, simply because the abuser has not recognized the problem for themselves. Abusers who recognize that an addiction problem exists, and want to get help generally have a more successful rehabilitation.

There are several ways that the addiction is treated, including users being under constant medical care. Individual and group therapy are an important part of the recovery process. Pharmaceutical treatments are also used to help get abusers off PCP.

Angel dust is a dangerous hallucinogenic drug that causes many mental and physical problems for those who abuse it. They have likely pushed loved ones away and don’t know where to turn. Once the problem is recognized, help is available to successfully beat the addiction.

PCP Substance Abuse is Best Treated Through Drug Rehab With a Special Emphasis on Drug Abuse Counseling. Learn More About PCP Abuse and Treatments from Drugrehab.us:



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