Vitamin K And Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Near You

187789489If you have ever used ketamine, it was probably in a nightclub setting. It emerged as the club drug back in the 70s, and has become popular all over the world. It has many effects such as the ability to render someone unconscious, which is why it is called the date rape drug. Someone will take the drug, and will wake up an hour or more later, with no recollection of what has happened. It is also used by veterinarians, however, it is known on the street as vitamin K or special K, a drug that often leads people to seek substance abuse centers.

What Exactly Is Ketamine?

Although it had its humble beginnings as part of veterinary medicine, because it can be used as a general anesthetic, it has become popular as a drug for sedation. For those that have bad reactions to barbiturates or opiates, it can be used in their place, especially as a muscle relaxants. It is also used in military settings in war zones, and for spinal or epidural procedures. For those that have injuries that lead to shock, which may lead to hypotension, their low heart rate will not be affected by using ketamine over some other pharmaceutical drugs.

Substance Abuse Help For Ketamine

Ketamine can be abused, although it is primarily used recreationally because of its pain relief and an anesthetic values. Different from PCP, it is short-acting, usually working on a person within about 10 minutes, and the hallucinatory effects that people crave last for about an hour. If you have an addiction to vitamin K, and you would like to get help, you can find treatment centers in many places around the world that handle substance abuse of all types, including ketamine as well.


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