Coping With Addiction to Pain Meds

100254811Pain medication is something that is an essential part of society today. Many people take pain medication to help them cope with the challenges of living with debilitating chronic or acute medical conditions. Some pain medications are mild and not addictive, and these are the ones that doctors prescribe first, however people who suffer from very serious medical conditions, and people who are in a lot of pain during late-stage cancer treatment, are often given much stronger medications and it is easy to become addicted to these. Morphine is one such example.

Opioids and morphine derivatives are very powerful painkillers but they must be used carefully and are usually only used for short periods of time because the body can easily build up a tolerance to them. It is easy to become addicted to fentany and methadone, and other painkillers can be addictive too.

Addiction to painkillers is common in people with chronic medical conditions, and it can also happen in athletes who take a lot of painkillers to cope with injuries. Eventually, their bodies become tolerant to the painkillers and they need bigger and bigger doses just to feel normal. This can place a lot of stress on the body and can contribute to a range of serious medical conditions.

The good news is that if the addiction is caught early enough it is possible, with assistance from trained medical professionals, to make a full recovery, and your body can get back to normal so that painkillers are once again effective when they are needed. However, the road to recovery is not easy, and it is for this reason that so many doctors are reluctant to prescribe very strong painkillers in anything other than the most severe of cases where the painkiller is medically necessary.


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