Addiction To Sleeping Pills Is No Small Matter

122466064Everyone has experienced times when he cannot fall asleep. When a sleep problem persists, it can take a huge toll on the body. As a solution, a lot of people seek help from their doctors. A typical treatment is a prescription for a sleep aid. If the main problem is the person feeling tense and anxious all the time, a tranquilizer may be prescribed. That may include drugs like Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and benzodiazepines. These are effective in treating anxiety. However, it becomes a problem when the person becomes addicted.

These tranquilizers are meant to be taken on short-term basis to treat the problem of anxiety so the person can relax and fall asleep. There is danger of just addressing the problem by taking drugs instead of treating the root of the problem. If the person continues to be involved in things that make him anxious, his dependency on these drugs will increase. His body will develop a tolerance for these drugs, little by little, until he cannot feel relaxed anymore without taking a very high dose and at higher frequency. Before he knows it, he is addicted.

It is often difficult for the average person to admit that his is addicted to drugs. The label of drug addict has negative connotation, one that people reserve for addicts in the streets hovering around dark corners. However, if the person does not face the problem head on and admit that he has a problem, he cannot get help.

Many drug programs offer discreet intervention for people addicted to substances. People do not realize that there is actually a lot of “average”, hard-working people who suffer from an addiction of one form or another. There is no shame in admitting that one needs help. It is better than allowing the body to spiral downhill, out of control.

Has Your Dependence to Prescription Sleep Medications Spiraled Dangerously Out of Control?


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