What To Know About The Dangers Of Barbiturates

456734741There are many people who will have to deal with the often horrible effects of anxiety or even the inability to sleep. Whenever you are faced with these conditions or other health problems, you may end up getting handed a prescription that is supposed to help you out. The unfortunate truth is that many of these prescription drugs are barbiturates, which can be helpful but with a common dangerous side at the same time. Understanding what to look out for prior to taking any of these types of prescription medications can help keep you from falling victim to disaster.

Violence, Depression and Mood Swings

In some cases, you may find that your doctor will not have the ability to get the dosage correct for whatever medication is prescribed. You could end up having a reaction to the drug or if there are instances when you over use the drugs to the point where you develop an addiction, you can end up with mental side effects that can range from moderate to severe. Depression is very common when it comes to overuse of barbiturates and there can be a lack of sleep along with anxiety that can push patients into having negative thoughts and feelings. In many cases, the patient can also fall victim to acts of violence and rage where their family members and loved ones will feel the greatest impact.

Problems With Sleep

When you develop an addiction to barbiturates, you can actually be making your problems with insomnia much greater. Some patients have reported sleepwalking and even other issues that keep them from getting a good amount of sleep at night. When a drug like this starts to cause overstimulation, you can end up amplifying insomnia and even feel groggy most of the time. There are also a number of people taking barbiturates for other reasons and never had a problem with insomnia that will start to fall victim to sleepless nights with such an addiction.

Even though barbiturates can be quite helpful to patients in some cases when it comes to treating insomnia or anxiety, the drug only has the ability to work when taken as directed. Taking the wrong dose can lead to a whole new level of issues and the spiral downward into a world of addiction.


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