Opioids And Morphine Based Drugs And The Road To Rehab

460210905Addiction to narcotics such as opioids and morphine is a serious condition that can only be dealt with in a rehab center. Opioid derivitaves and morphine are among the strongest painkilling drugs and addiction carries serious health risks.

Morphine is usually prescribed for patients with severe injuries, after surgery or for terminally ill cancer patients to ease pain. Because of its strength, morphine, as well as fentanyl, are highly sought after by drug addicts who look for increasingly drastic measures when they develop a tolerance to their drug of choice. For this reason these drugs have a very high street value which is usually the only way that drug addicts can get access to it.

When drug addicts develop a tolerance to strong drugs such as morphine, they require higher doses, which can lead to overdosing as well as infections from needles that have not been disinfected and which are often shared. Another serious risk from sharing needles is exposure to life threatening diseases such as HIV Aids and Hepatitis.

Signs of addiction are easy to spot. The first signs are lack of money, constant borrowing, stealing, missing valuables in the home and erratic behavior. When a person starts losing weight for no apparent reason or there is an unexplained change in personality, this is a sign of probable drug abuse. Drug issues will cause a person to become severely ill if they are unable to get the drugs they need as they go through early withdrawal symptoms.

Because it can be dangerous to stop taking drugs abruptly it is important to go to a rehab center for assistance. Rehab programs are designed to allow an addict to safely detox over a period of time in order to minimize the amount of shock to the body. The programs allow drug support to help the patient through the most severe symptoms of detoxing and includes close monitoring to prevent serious complications.

Once the addict has detoxed completely, a program is set in place for mental and emotional recovery with plenty of support from group sessions and professional guidance. Recovery from drug addiction in a rehab center offers the best chance of complete recovery with the least chance of relapse.

Rehab centers also offer family support and information on how to deal with drug related issues and how to cope with a loved one who is trying to recover. Rehab is the best road to recovery, so make the call today and take your first step towards a drug free life.

The Road to Rehab and Recovery Begins With Intensive and Trusted Treatment:

Summit IOP Intensive Outpatient Treatment
702 Hyde Park
Doylestown, PA 18902
Toll-Free: 888-890-5126

SummitIOP in Pennsylvania


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