Calming Images and Sobriety


When trying to stay sober, recovering addicts often talk about the “boredom” of being sober. This does not necessarily mean that there is not any activity that the individual could do rather than taking drugs or alcohol, it is a side effect of recovering from addiction. When taking drugs and alcohol, the brain usually starts working extra hard; sometimes the brain is working harder to understand the effects it is feeling, sometimes it is the drug itself causing rapid firing brain activity. When the drugs are no longer in the system, the brain feels this as well, and has become used to overworking itself on a regular basis. This is where the bored feeling comes in.

While your brain is not actually bored, it is looking for pleasure and purposeful use. A great trick for combating this “bored” feeling is to give your brain a healthy exercise that it can engage in. We have found that viewing calming and relaxing images is a perfect way to give your brain a little exercise for a few minutes — exploring the colors and composition of the picture — is just enough to give the brain something to do, rather than craving drugs. As you look at the pictures, creating story-lines and ideas about the picture not only occupies your mind, but will also leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Try it for yourself with out gallery of beautiful calming images below:



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