Is Your Doctor Actually the Pharmaceutical Company

Visits to the doctor are becoming more common as people in America are experiencing an overwhelming number of physical issues and ailments.  It seems that we are on a ferris wheel of bad habits, poor decisions, lack of information and unhealthy products that keep us on a path for physical breakdown.  Most of the time, we will visit our trusted doctor to help us find answers to the way we are feeling.  We have been taught to trust our doctor even above our own feeling or education about our bodies.

Doctors are valuable; however, the doctors of today are being constantly bombarded by enticing offers from pharmaceutical companies to promote their drug over another company’s drug.  This has been the practice for many years, but the pressure has increased dramatically in the last few years.  Pharmaceutical companies make their offer hard to resist with free meals to medical staff, promotional items for the clinic and for home use, and samples to be given out to patients.

One company recently reported an increase of 23% growth in prescription use of their products, which was a dramatic increase over previous numbers.  There was probably not a 23% increase in the number of patients needing that type of medication, as there were doctors who were prescribing them.  It seems that many doctors are persuaded by pharmaceutical enticements to push certain medications even if the situation does not clearly call for it, or instead of offering over-the-counter or natural solutions.

The devastating news for us as patients is that we are not encouraged to think for ourselves, to research what is going on in our own bodies, and just to trust what is being sold to us.  There are so many alternatives to prescription drugs, but many doctors do not feel obligated to share these other methods.  Patients need to educate themselves on any condition they have so that they together with their doctor can figure out the best medical plan.


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