The Hidden Danger of Cold Medicines in your Cabinet

80407574Almost everyone has cold medicine in their cabinet. After all, we all get colds and need medication and then have some left over. We don’t even look twice at it. But now there is a disturbing new trend among young people and it involves the use of cold medications that were considered very safe since they are over the counter (OTC).

Many young people are experimenting with “Robotripping” or “Robo” which is buying cold and cough medications that contain Dextromethorphan (or DXM) as that may call it. Robo and Robotripping can refer to the brand name of a particularly popular cough medicine or to the effects of DXM which give the user a dissociative or robotic feeling.

Unfortunately, word about the use of this drug and even praise for it are found hidden in some popular music, on the internet and word of mouth. Teens may mix the cold medicines with a fruity drink and possibly alcohol to create a popular party drink that is consumed in unknown quantities which can be exceedingly dangerous.

Many teens may even ingest the mix, expecting only alcohol but ending up drunk and drugged. The combined effects of multiple substances always creates a greater risk, especially to young users who may not know their limits or understand what the risks are. It can be especially dangerous when multiple teens bring in whatever medications they find in the cabinet (or buy) and dump them all into one large mixed punch drink.

Parents need to be on the lookout for a child who frequently takes cough or cold medicine and to be aware of what medications are on hand in the bathroom cabinet. It is better to NOT keep such medications in the bathroom cabinet because your child’s friends could also access them there.


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