Severe Anger Issues and Treatment


“Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.”

-Albert Einstein

As human beings, we are fragile and emotional beings that tend to get a little bit over-emotional from time to time. We all have a range of different emotions that are natural to us, and we were all given the ability to control these emotions, to some extent. Some people’s control over their own emotions — however — is not as efficient as others. As many as 1 in 5 adults are estimated as having a lack of control over their emotions, and this leads to many emotional and behavioral problems.

Anger is probably the most recognized emotion when it comes to emotional disorders. Many have heard of anger management because anger is the most dangerous of emotions when it is not properly being controlled. Those with an anger issue often report having fits of rage or even “blackouts,” where the individual becomes violent and out of control but does not remember the incident. Individuals with these severe forms of anger problems can be quite dangerous and should be treated with behavioral therapy, such as Anger Rehab. Within an anger rehab, these individuals can learn techniques and calming practices that teach them slowly gain control over their own emotions and actions, without incidents of rage or violence.

Think you might have anger issues? Decision Point Center offers Anger Rehab Therapy and Counseling:

Anger Rehab Facility in Prescott, AZ


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