Long Island Addiction Treatment Center Focuses on Privacy

Long Island Sound

For a great many years, Long Island — and the Hamptons, especially — has been a place where the rich, the stars, and business magnates have gone to get away from the city and enjoy great scenery and some privacy from their hectic lives in the mainstream of America. This is still true today. It is for the reasons of safety, security and privacy that The Dunes — a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center — made its home in the East Hampton.

When an individual is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, the best option is to check into a residential treatment facility to get back to a clean and sober living-pattern. For some, the idea of entering a glitzy rehab facility outside of Hollywood is just not a private option. For those individuals, The Dunes established an addiction treatment center that focuses on the privacy of the individual during a trying time in their lives.

The Dunes’ treatment options and treatment location offer the perfect addiction treatment programs for those that would like to deal with their substance abuse issues in a private, secluded, and safe environment.

To learn more about The Dunes’ private drug and alcohol treatment options, visit them online at:

The Dunes East Hampton addiction treatment center


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