How to Spot Meth Abuse in Friends or Family

95349769Whether you call it meth, speed, crystal, or crank, methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous and widely abused drugs on the streets today. Highly addictive, a person may find themselves at the mercy of meth addiction after only one or two uses. Here are a few ways to spot if someone you know has been affected.

One of the first signs that someone may be abusing meth is a sudden change in their demeanor. Meth users are frequently irritable, and have trouble sitting still or focusing on something. They may seem nervous, or someone who was previously laid back and friendly may seem suspicious and hyperactive.

There are several different “levels” of meth abuse. If they are new to the drug, irritability and nervousness may be the only symptoms. Inevitably, however, this stage does not last long. As they need more meth, more frequently in order to get their “high,” you may start seeing other, more disturbing behavior patterns. Someone who is on a meth binge may go several days without sleep, and therefore can be incredibly paranoid and unpredictable. If you see someone you know acting like this, approach them with caution. Because of their lack of sleep and heightened paranoia, it does not take much to cause a confrontation.

If a person has been abusing meth for a prolonged length of time, you may start to see physical symptoms in addition to the behavioral. “Meth mouth” is a term coined to describe the rotting teeth and mouth sores that become common after exposure to harsh fumes. A person’s skin will also seem very unhealthy, and may have open sores.

If someone you know is suffering from methamphetamine addiction, it is crucial that you get help for them quickly. Meth is a dangerous drug, and is very difficult to kick without professional help in the form of rehab.


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